The Artistic World in China

The Artistic World in China is Booming

China, a country renowned for being the country of the rising sun, has seen a most spectacular development in recent decades. One of the proofs of this rapid development is the artistic world in China, which has also undergone an important evolution not only at the Chinese market but also at the international level. Indeed, China is once again the leader in the world art market. New Chinese artists are emerging, when the elders find themselves at the top of the art auction market, dethroning even some celebrities worldwide known as Pablo Picasso. The presence of social networks and e-commerce in China has contributed positively to this evolution of the artistic world in China.

The Artist World in China realizes its Position as World Leader in Art

A truly historic turning point in the artistic world in China, the country is now at the top of the list on the world art market. The land of the rising sun far exceeded the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Millionaires are now rushing to the world’s auction houses and are particularly attracted by Chinese antiques, which are highly valued for their originality and great beauty. However, contemporary Chinese art negligee also finds its place there. Contemporary art that focuses mainly on local expression, specific to Chinese culture. However, apart from the contribution of the Chinese sales houses, the importance of social networks also took part in this revival of the artistic world in China. Another scourge contributing to this realization of China’s leading position in the art of China is also the fact that it is in this country that it sells the most contemporary art in the world but also because of Supply and demand.

The Number of Chinese Art Collectors is Growing

The artistic world in China has evolved a lot in recent years. If the country remains a world champion in the sale of ancient art, the rise of new Chinese artists both to balance the art market at the national level. Today, moreover, there is a steady increase in Chinese art collectors, some of whom are from the country, such as Adrian Cheng, the Chinese billionaire at the head of the K11 foundation, who appears in the tower of the same name. A gigantic 278-meter-high tower with Art-Deco inspiration that mainly includes Chinese contemporary art gallery shops, as well as exhibition spaces. Uli Sigg, considered the greatest collector of contemporary Chinese art in the world, also contributes to the development of the Chinese artistic world.

New Artists of Contemporary Chinese Art

As for the new Chinese artists, they are increasingly becoming known not only locally but also around the world. Zhang Xiaogang, among them, became famous with his series of portraits evocative of the Mao era « Bloodlines », while Ai Weiwei is particularly recognized to be among the major artists of the independent Chinese art scene. A man who is also a sculptor, a performer, a photographer, an architect and a blogger. Gao Brothers, Song Dong, Zeng Fanzhi, Yue Minjun and Liu Xiaodong, among others, are among the best in contemporary Chinese art. But if these artists were able to break into the world market of art, it is because they were able to understand the importance of social networks in their presentation and that of their arts from all over the world. If you also adore ceramic artworks, the productions of BAI MING, one of the most renowned contemporary ceramists in China, will impress you. For local artists, having become aware of the importance of social networks, they initiate themselves mainly in the presentation and display of their productions in this artistic world in China.

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